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The SPAS 12 is a shotgun that was designed and manufactured by the Italian firearms company Franchi S.p.A. The acronym “SPAS” stands for “Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun.” It was first introduced in the late 1970s and gained popularity for its innovative features and versatility. Spaz 12, Spas 12, Spas-12, Spas12, Spas 12 Canada, Spas shot, Franchi pa 8, Spa 12.

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Some key features of the SPAS 12 include:

1. Dual-Action System: The SPAS 12 has a dual-action system, allowing the shooter to switch between semi-automatic and pump-action modes. This versatility enables it to be used in different scenarios, depending on the user’s preference or specific requirements of the situation.

2. Folding Stock: The SPAS 12 is known for its distinctive folding stock, which allows for easier storage and transport. The stock can be extended for use, providing stability during shooting, and folded for compactness when not in use.

Franchi Spas 12 for sale – Franchi Spaz 12 in stock 2023

3. Selectable Firing Mode: The shotgun offers selectable firing modes, allowing the shooter to choose between a semi-automatic mode for rapid follow-up shots or a pump-action mode for enhanced reliability and control.

4. Magazine Capacity: The SPAS 12 can typically hold up to eight rounds in a detachable box magazine. The shotgun is compatible with a variety of ammunition types, including both standard shotshells and less-lethal rounds.

Spaz 12 – Spas 12 – Spas-12 –  Spas12

The SPAS 12 found popularity in the law enforcement and military sectors due to its adaptable design and ability to handle a range of situations. While it is no longer in production, the SPAS 12 remains of interest to firearm enthusiasts and collectors for its unique features and historical significance. It is worth noting that the legal availability and regulations surrounding the ownership and use of firearms, including the SPAS 12, vary by country and jurisdiction, so it’s important to understand and adhere to local laws and regulations.

Franchi SPAS 12 Semi-Automatic/Slide Action Shotgun with Folding Stock
Manufacturer: Franchi
Model: Franchi Spas 12
Type: Shotgun
Gauge: 12
Barrel: 21 1/2 inches
Finish: parkerized/black anodized
Manufacture year: 2000
Stock: steel
Item Views: 224020
Serial Number: 
Catalog Page: 104
Class: Modern Long Gun
Spaz 12 – Spas 12 – Spas-12 –  Spas12 – Spas 12 Canada
Introduced in Italy in 1979 with dual action, semi-automatic, and pump mechanism. Blade front and peep rear sights, with a full-length magazine tube, stamped heat shield, standard frame markings, ribbed forearm, pistol grip, and folding metal stock with swiveling forearm hook. Franchi Spas 12 Threaded for external choke tubes with a thread protector.
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Rating Definition:
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