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What is 22LR? – The 22LR Canada – Best 22LR Canada

.22LR (Long Rifle) ammo refers to a popular rimfire cartridge used primarily in small-caliber rifles and handguns. Here are some key points about .22LR ammunition:

Caliber and Cartridge Dimensions: The “.22” refers to the bullet diameter of .22 inches (5.6mm), and “LR” stands for “Long Rifle.” The cartridge has a rimfire design, meaning the primer is located in the rim of the casing rather than the center. The overall length of a .22LR cartridge is around 0.615 inches (15.6mm).

Bullet Types and Weights: .22LR ammo is available in various bullet types and weights. Common bullet designs include round nose, hollow point, and flat nose. Bullet weights usually range from 30 to 40 grains, but specialty loads may have different weights.

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Power and Ballistics: .22LR is relatively low-powered compared to larger caliber cartridges. The muzzle velocity of .22LR ammo typically ranges from around 1,000 to 1,300 feet per second (fps). Muzzle energy generally falls around 100 to 150 foot-pounds (ft-lbs), depending on the specific load.

Versatility and Common Use: .22LR ammunition is popular for recreational shooting, plinking, small game hunting, pest control, and target practice. Its low recoil and relatively low cost per round make it accessible to a wide range of shooters.

Firearms: .22LR ammunition is predominantly used in rifles and handguns specifically chambered for this caliber. Firearms chambered in .22LR include bolt-action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, single-shot rifles, lever-action rifles, semi-automatic pistols, and revolvers.

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Availability and Affordability: .22LR ammo is generally widely available, and it is one of the most affordable types of ammunition on the market. Its popularity and widespread use contribute to its accessibility.

Limited Range and Stopping Power: .22LR ammo has a limited effective range, typically around 50 to 100 yards, depending on the specific firearm and load. Additionally, due to its lower power and smaller projectile compared to larger calibers, the stopping power of .22LR for self-defense purposes is generally considered less effective.

It is important to note that while .22LR ammo is commonly used for recreational purposes and small game hunting, its use for self-defense may not be ideal. As always, it is crucial to consult local laws and regulations regarding firearm ownership, ammunition purchase, and its appropriate use .22LR Canada 2024.


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