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Do you want to buy Anti Drone Jammer Canada? We have the portable Antidrone Jammer in stock now. We are reliable, with affordable prices on the portable Drone Jammer for sale (2023)...

What is an Anti Drone Jammer? – How much is the Portable Drone Jammer Canada – Portable Antidrone Jammers

 7-channel anti-drone jammer HARPY 5XL / portable drone jammer GW-UAV108H6 / 220W

 Separate modular design, the antenna and main unit are easy to assemble/disassemble, making it convenient for transportation.  7 suppression channels.  Range up to 1500 meters.  Replaceable battery, operating time 50-60 minutes.  Antenna with gain 15 dBi.  Internal cooling is provided by a built-in fan, and the device can operate continuously within the permitted temperature range.  16x optical sight with vibration protection. Anti Drone Jammer For sale 2024. Portable Drone Jammer in stock now.

 •Version: gun;

 •Suppression range up to 1500 m;

 •Suppressed frequency range: 433 – 5850 MHz;

 •Number of suppression channels: 7;

 •Operating time up to 60 minutes;

 •Suppression channels: 433 MHz;  900 MHz;  1.2 GHz;  1.5 GHz;  2.4 GHz;  2.4 GHz;  5.8 GHz;

 •Suppressed navigation systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou (L1);

 •Power: battery

 •Type of generated interference: radio frequency blocking type, •antenna – gain 15 dBi;

 •Total power 220 W

 •Power supply 24V, 8.5A;

 •Battery included;

 •Length 830 mm;

 •Width 370 mm;

 •Thickness 240 mm;

 •Weight 7.3 kg;

 •Weight of the complete set is 22 kg.


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