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What is Chiappa Little Badger? – The Crusader arms templar Canada

The Chiappa Little Badger is a lightweight, foldable single-shot rifle manufactured by Chiappa Firearms. It is designed to be a compact and versatile firearm suitable for various purposes such as survival, backpacking, or recreational shooting.

Here are some key features and characteristics of the Chiappa Little-Badger:

Action and Caliber: The Little Badger is a single-shot rifle, meaning it can only hold and fire one round at a time. It is available in various calibers, including .22 Long Rifle (LR), .22 Magnum, .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR), and .17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM). The choice of caliber depends on the specific variant of the Little Badger.

Barrel Length: The rifle has a short barrel length, typically around 16.5 inches, contributing to its compact and portable design.

Folding Design: The standout feature of the Little Badger is its folding design. The rifle can be easily folded in half, minimizing its overall length for convenient storage and transportation. This makes it well-suited for backpacking or situations where space is limited.

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Stock and Ergonomics: The Little Badger features a minimalist and lightweight wire stock. It is equipped with a plastic grip and a rubber buttpad for improved ergonomics and recoil absorption.

Picatinny Rail: The rifle is usually equipped with a Picatinny rail on top of the receiver, allowing for the attachment of optics or other accessories like red dot sights or scopes.

Chiappa Little Badger for sale – Crusader arms templar Canada 2024

Portability and Versatility: The lightweight and foldable design of the Little Badger, paired with its compact size, makes it highly portable and easy to carry. It can be used for a variety of shooting activities, including plinking, small game hunting, or as an emergency survival backup firearm.

Simple and Reliable: As a single-shot firearm, the Little Badger has a simple and straightforward operation, with fewer moving parts compared to semi-automatic rifles. This simplicity generally translates to increased reliability and ease of maintenance.

The Chiappa Little-Badger appeals to those looking for a compact and lightweight rifle for recreational shooting or survival purposes. Its folding design, choice of calibers, and portability make it a versatile firearm suitable for various outdoor activities. It is important to check and comply with local laws and regulations regarding the use and ownership of firearms before considering any purchase. Chiappa Little Badger Canada 2024.

Looking for?
3/8 piston mid
carbon in the action
gun to run clean
rifle with an acr style folding stock
release ar15 style paddle
bolt catch and release
limited amount of carbon
durability while allowing the gun
left side
grips stocks and trigger packs
gas system for ultimate
catch and release ar15


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