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What is a Guide TS450 Riffle Scope? – How much is the Guide TS450 Riffle Scope Canada – Portable Guide TS450 Riffle Scope for sale 2024

Guide TS450 Riffle Scope. Thermal imaging sight GUIDE TS450 for sale.

 Thermal imaging sight Guide TS450 (3.3x, F50, F1.2) is designed for target shooting at medium and long distances from firearms equipped with a Picatinny mount.  Suitable for night hunting, search and accurate detection of animals and wounded animals at a distance of up to 1400 m, as well as visual observations in conditions of limited visibility (in the dark, fog or during rain).

 Good visibility even at long distances.  The Guide TS450 thermal imager is built on a 400×300 matrix (17µm, 50Hz, NETD≤ 50mK) and is equipped with a germanium lens with a focal length of 50 mm.  The model is the most powerful thermal imager in the Guide TS series and stands out with a significantly larger field of view of 7.5 degrees (or 13.1 m/100 m) among similar sights in its class.  A large animal with a height of 1.7…1.8 m can be detected at a distance of 1400 meters and accurately recognized at a distance of 700 meters.

 Key parameters:

 Magnification 3.3x..13.2x.  The detection range of the beast is up to 1.4 km.  Fast F50 mm lens and wide field of view – 7.5 degrees.  Sensor 400×300 (17m, 50Hz, NETD≤ 50mk).  2 types of calibration.  OLED display 1024×768, 7 color palettes, sleep mode.  6 profiles, 3 shooting distances, 10 scalable reticles.  Stadiometric rangefinder, PiP x2 and Hot Spot Tracking modes.  Installing an 18650 battery (flat +) without observing polarity.  Analog video output (Lemo connector).  Auto power off.  Waterproof (up to 1 m), operates at -40°C.  Picatinny mount.

Guide TS450 Riffle Scope – Specifications

 – Type: VOx, uncooled

 – Resolution, pixels: 400×300

 – Detector step, microns: 17

 – Frame refresh rate, Hz: 50

 – Noise equivalent temperature difference, NETD: < 50 mK

 – Calibration: automatic and manual, with shutter

 – Display type: OLED (0.39”)

 – Resolution, pixels: 1024×768

 – Patterns: 7 (White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot 1, Red Hot 2, Red Hot 3, Green Hot, blue Hot)

 – Image settings: 10 brightness levels, 10 contrast levels

 – Magnification, multiple: 3.3x, with zoom up to 13.2x

 – Digital zoom: x1 / x2 / x4

 – Lens: F50mm/f1.2, manual focus from 10m

 – Field of view, degrees: 7.5°x5.6°

 – Exit pupil relief, mm: 48

 – Eyepiece refocusing limit, diopter: +/-4

 – Reticles: 10 pcs., scalable

 – Mesh colors: black / white

 – “No grid” mode: yes

 – Shooting profiles: up to 6

 – Shooting distance: 25 m / 50 m / 100 m

 – Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function: x2, 3 PiP window position options

 – Stadiometric rangefinder: yes, (0.25 m / 0.5 m / 1.8 m)

 – Automatic detection of hot spots: yes

 – Wi-Fi: no

 – Video output: PAL 50 Hz, LEMO connector

 – Power source: 1 Li-ion 18650 battery with flat contacts, installation without observing polarity

 – Operating time at low speed, hour: 4+ (depending on battery capacity)

 – External power supply connection: no

 – Auto power off: yes, after 15, 30 or 60 minutes

 Physical and operational parameters:

 – Impact resistance, J: up to 5000

 – Protection class (according to IEC 60529): IP67

 – Operating temperatures, °C: -40…+50

 – Storage temperature, °C: -40…+60

 – Humidity: 10% to 95%, non-condensing

 – Mounting: Picatinny rail (included)

 – Dimensions, mm: 250x90x75

 – Weight (without mount and battery): 720g

 Detection range:

 – Vehicle (2.3×2.3) m: 3000 m

 – Human (1.8×0.5 m): 1400 m



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