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The Tavor X95, also known as the IWI Tavor X95, is a bullpup-style semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI). It is the successor to the original Tavor SAR (Tavor Assault Rifle) and is designed for military and civilian use. What is Tavor 95? – What is Tavor X95? – iwi tavor x95 – Tavor x95 Canada.

What is Tavor 95? – What is Tavor X95?

Here are some characteristics and features of the Tavor X 95:

Design: The Tavor X 95 is a compact and lightweight rifle with a bullpup configuration. A bullpup design places the action and magazine behind the pistol grip, allowing for a shorter overall length while maintaining a full-length barrel.

Caliber: The Tavor X 95 is chambered in various calibers, including 5.56x45mm NATO and 9mm Luger/Parabellum. It is available in both rifle and carbine versions.

iwi Tavor x95 – Tavor x95 Canada

Ambidextrous Controls: The rifle features ambidextrous components, including the charging handle, magazine release, and safety/fire selector, making it suitable for left-handed shooters as well.

Picatinny Rail: The Tavor X 95 has a full-length Picatinny rail located on the upper receiver, allowing for the attachment of various accessories such as optics, sights, lasers, and flashlights.

Integrated Backup Sights: The rifle comes with integrated backup sights, located at the top of the rifle’s receiver.

Magazine Compatibility: The Tavor X 95 accepts standard AR-15/M16 magazines in 5.56x45mm NATO versions. The 9mm Luger variant uses Glock pistol magazines, offering compatibility with a widely available and popular type of magazine. iwi tavor x95 – Tavor x95 Canada

Tavor iwi x95 – iwi tavor x95 – Tavor x95 Canada

Reliability and Durability: The Tavor X 95 is known for its reliability and robust construction, with a reputation for functioning well even in adverse conditions. Tavor iwi x 95 – iwi tavor x 95 – Tavor x95 Canada.

Short-Stroke Gas Piston System: The rifle utilizes a short-stroke gas piston system, which helps reduce recoil and ensures reliability.

The Tavor X 95 has been adopted by various military and law enforcement agencies worldwide, and it has gained popularity among civilian shooters for its compact design, accuracy, and versatility. It is often considered a modern and ergonomic alternative to traditional rifles.


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